Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Why should we become a LawFest member?

The legal landscape is undergoing considerable change that will continue to disrupt legal practice. As a LawFest member you will be part of the New Zealand legal innovation and technology community and will be kept up to date with developments from New Zealand and abroad.

Check out all of the membership benefits here.


Are the memberships for an organisation or an individual?

Individual memberships are suited for firms with less than 10 people, or just one person withing your organisation. The Team Membership is for your organisation, and provides unlimited membership for all of your employees.


What recognition will my organisation receive from membership?

Your membership will demonstrate your organisations commitment to keeping abreast of the latest legal tech developments, to help you produce more innovative practices and drive greater efficiency for you and your clients. We may list organisations that are LawFest members.


I am not based in Auckland or Wellington, can I still benefit from the membership?

Yes there are many other benefits aside from events in Auckland or Wellington. The membership allows you to be at the forefront of the legal tech community with all the latest information, even if you may not physically be able to attend all events.


How many discounted tickets to LawFest 2019 can I get?

You will receive a 10% discount off LawFest 2019 tickets. Individual members get one discounted ticket for themselves, whilst Team Membership permits unlimited discounts for your entire organisation.


When do LawFest 2019 tickets go on sale?

Tickets are on sale now. Get our great 2 for the price of 1 ticket option, and you do not need to confirm your individual attendees until January 2019. Register Now.


Can we move membership categories?

Yes you can, by simply paying the difference between the two.


What content will the newsletters and social media include?

The content will include the latest legal innovation and technology developments from New Zealand and abroad, including content from members and technology providers.


Can I contribute content for the LawFest newsletters?

We encourage you to send articles/blog posts or anything that you think may be of interest to the LawFest membership to us for consideration in the newsletter.


How frequent are the newsletters?

The newsletters are produced on regular basis, whilst social media content is continuous.


Can LawFest help me find technology providers?

Yes, we can help and even advise on technology providers to meet your requirements, together with facilitating introductions.


Can our firm host a networking event?

We encourage you to contact us if your organisation would like to host a LawFest networking event.


What is the membership period?

The membership period runs until 31 March each year.


I am a provider, can I become a LawFest member?

Yes. The membership is available to everyone.