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5 Tips to get the most out of LawFest

LawFest is the one event of the year legal professionals should attend to discover how technology and innovation can impact them, their firms and their clients. We have made some exciting changes tailored to the needs of lawyers, support staff and management from within law firms, corporate organisations and government agencies. We have new techtalks, […]

The important role of Law Firms in a cyber attack

The important role of Law Firms in a cyber attack

As one of the keynotes at LawFest, Carl Woerndle shares his experience of the cyber attack that destroyed his business. In two weeks he lost a business that had taken over 10 years to build up. His company Distribute IT, an IT company with a solid reputation, was the target of an attack so severe […]

ractical advice for those just getting started with technology

Practical advice for those just getting started with technology

One of the exciting new initiatives for LawFest this year, is the new ‘Preparing for Change‘ stream that is tailored to those starting their journey with legal technology. This stream is a perfect introduction to all you need to know about innovation and technology in law, full of valuable insights and practical advice. Kicking off […]


Law firm upgrades to LawMaster and achieves 100% paperless office status

LawMaster is practice management software providing solutions to Law Firms since 1988.  With 5 fully integrated management centres, LawMaster seamlessly caters for both back and front offices functions for legal practices. Their technology is so comprehensive there is no need for software add-ons and no reliance on legacy systems. LawMaster is a Bronze sponsor of LawFest. […]

Why law firms should embrace technology

Why law firms need to embrace technology

The advances in technology have greatly transformed how law is practiced, with even greater change on the horizon. Traditionally the legal profession has been slow adopters of technology, but this is changing as law firms are being forced to change how legal services are delivered, largely to better meet the demands of their clients. The […]


LegalTech – the world’s largest legal technology event

Last week I joined an estimated 10,000 others in the legal technology community from around the globe who converged on New York for LegalTech. What is LegalTech? Legaltech is the largest and most important legal technology event of the year, held annually at the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. Complimenting the 10,000 attendees, the […]


NZ legal firms behind the 8-ball in innovation

The legal profession globally is facing considerable change as growing pressures are forcing law firms to innovate in how they deliver their legal services. Law firms are only starting to take advantage of the opportunities that technology brings – opportunities that many other industries have embraced for many years. And in New Zealand we’re even […]

LawFest Sponsors

LawFest – our supporting organisations

LawFest greatly appreciates the support of several organisations that have joined us to help deliver New Zealand’s premier legal innovation and technology event. These organisations all share our vision of helping to encourage greater innovation and leveraging technology within the legal profession. Our supporting organisations are: All Procure – AllProcure offers a unique opportunity for […]


The designers of LawFest

This year we established an Advisory Panel for LawFest consisting of leading legal and technology professionals. This is a first for us and we believe it’ll ensure the development of an engaging and enjoyable programme. The panel has an excellent cross section of expertise, helping us to deliver a programme focused on how technology and […]

Legal tech

LawFest: The legal tech event not to be missed

Building on the success of the last three years of New Zealand’s dedicated legal technology event, LawFest 2017 is being held in Auckland on 17 May 2017. It’s not just ‘another conference’ – it is the one event of the year legal professionals should attend to discover how technology and innovation can impact them, their […]