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We’re All Talking Heads Now

With almost every meeting now a web conference and every idea committed to keyboard, how do we bring context and order to these electronic discussions? How can professionals not just work but thrive in this environment?

Presented by: Dan Hauck, Chief Product Officer, NetDocuments

Creating an Innovation Culture

The creation of an environment in which innovation can flourish requires deliberate action by law firm and in-house leaders. In this presentation, Caryn draws on her extensive experience to explore the challenges and opportunities that you might encounter when embarking on an innovation journey and shares useful frameworks through which new ideas and opportunities can be welcomed and tested. She will also provide practical tips to enable the successful delivery of your innovation initiatives.

Presented by: Caryn Sandler, Partner & Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

Opportunity for the Courts

COVID-19 forced the Courts to adopt new ways of working. One of New Zealand’s leading lawyers, Mike Heron QC, explores how this presents an opportunity the Courts must continue to embrace as they look to capitalise on this experience and ultimately deliver more accessible justice to everyone.

Presented by: Mike Heron, QC

Panel: Embracing and Driving Change

There is no doubt that the legal profession is in the midst of a massive transformation – and that continuing with a business-as-usual strategy is no longer an option for lasting success. It is imperative that we embrace change and explore new ways of working.

To enable innovation, we need to create an environment where all legal professionals can thrive and where change is the new normal. In this panel we have assembled legal professionals with diverse hands-on experience in preparing their organisations for the future. From changing culture to changing legislation, our panellists will share their hard-earned insights to help you drive innovation and change!

Hon Andrew Little, Minister of Justice & Minister for Courts
Helen Mackay, Director, Juno Legal
Erin Ebborn, Director & Principal Lawyer, Portia
Maria Sopoaga, Solicitor, Auckland Council

Moderated by: Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers

“The Why”

Culture is core of innovation.  Coupled with agile technology and utilising big data and cloud trends firms need to keep up the reinvention.  During this Tech Talk, Greg will cover how cultural changes are being rolled out at LexisNexis as well as present some examples of how innovation is shaping the future of practice.  You can also get involved through LexisNexis’s Innovation Panel.

Presented by: Greg Dickason, Managing Director, LexisNexis Pacific

“Leading a Cyber Resilience Culture for Law Firms”

In this session, Jeff will discuss the need for law firms to develop a cyber risk management programme and the practical challenges that firms face with information security in the changing post-C19 digital world.

Jeff is fractional Chief Information Security Officer for two of New Zealand’s leading law firms.

Presented by: Jeff Herbert, Director of Cyber Resilience, Cybercraft

“Remote Verification, Security and User Experience”

Join Russell Smith, the CEO of APLYiD, to hear about the benefits and risks of using technology for client on-boarding.

– Why are more firms starting to use remote verification methods?
– Is it safe to email personal documents?
– What sort of experience will your clients appreciate, and how will this attract them to your firm over others?

Presented by: Russell Smith, CEO, APLYiD

“Your competitive edge is right under your nose”

Process-driven, data-driven firms and self-sufficient lawyers are the future.  How do firms turn the lessons they have learned from COVID-19 into a competitive advantage? Join David Hepburn as he explores 3 important topics in law firms today
1) Your process is your IP – it should give your firm a competitive edge.
2) Focus on really good data to improve both quality of work and visibility across the health of your firm.
3) Self-sufficiency is the key to lawyers spending their time on higher value activities.
Learn how, with practical insights from Actionstep’s 10,000+ customers across New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Presented by: David Hepburn, President, Actionstep

The Opportunities for In-house Professionals

In this session three leading in-house lawyers share stories about how they embraced change during the pandemic. Discover how they have adapted and the opportunities they envisage going forward, including their evolving expectations for law firms. The session concludes with an interactive Q&A, led by Helen Mackay. You are guaranteed to find something you can take away and implement in your own team!

Tom Lane, General Counsel & Company Secretary – Pacific, Coca Cola Amatil
Katie Bhreatnach, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Airways New Zealand
Sabina Bickelmann, General Counsel, Icebreaker
Moderated by: Helen Mackay, Director, Juno Legal

Embracing and Leading Change

Three highly-respected law firm leaders share their stories about how their firm responded to the rapidly changing and uncertain environment presented by the pandemic. Learn how their investment in innovation and change provided them with an agile platform to support the evolving needs of their business and clients. Hear their views on the opportunities they see emerging from COVID-19 then ask them questions in the interactive Q&A, led by Warrick McLean.

Jo Avenell, CEO, Russell McVeagh
Jon Calder, CEO, Tompkins Wake
Jarrod Coburn, CEO, Portia
Moderated by: Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers

The Wrap

Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers

Andrew King, Director, Legal Innovate Group

Innovation in a disruptive world

Sir Ray talks about the laws of innovation and how societal changes impact on the adoption of technologies. Delegates will learn personal and corporate innovation skills and how to build unassailable winning teams, and learn how highly personalized utility marketing and branding will disrupt traditional business practices.

Presented by: Sir Ray Avery, Founder & CEO, Medicine Mondiale

What is the blockchain/smart contracts and why lawyers should care

The blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to redefine how we do business in a new decentralised global village.
The presentation covers:
• What is the blockchain and smart contracts?
• Why should lawyers care?
• What does the law firm of the future look like?

Presented by: Mark Pascall, Co-founder, BlockchainLabs.NZ

Practical use of Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers

Julian speaks on the relevance of artificial intelligence to the legal profession in a digital world. He outlines practical steps lawyers can take today to stay relevant such as embracing new business models and transforming current business practices through new technologies, including AI.

Presented by: Julian Uebergang, Managing Director (Asia Pacific), Neota Logic

Thinking Differently: MinterEllisonRuddWatt’s innovation journey with McCarthy Finch

MinterEllisonRuddWatts made headlines when they entered a joint venture to build legal AI company, McCarthy Finch. Jane and Jean will share their insights from working closely with McCarthy Finch since its launch.
The presentation provides an interesting case study on:
• The business considerations of why MinterEllisonRuddWatts went down this path, and winning “buy-in” from the partnership
• How a large NZ law firm is getting ahead of technological disruption
• The opportunities AI technology offers the legal profession

Presented by:
Jean Yang, Legaltech Counsel / Legal Services Manager, McCarthyFinch
Jane Parker, Partner, MinterEllisonRuddWatts

Disrupting the law: Myadvice.Legal and what’s next?

Mai Chen discusses what clients expect of lawyers and AI, and how lawyers have to change the way they work with changes to billing and to the pyramid of lawyers. She’ll also talk about blending/merging lawyer judgement with the doubling of computational power every two years.
Delegates will learn:
• How is law different to other services, and how is it the same?
• Implications for specialisation, and a more holistic definition of what it means to add value as a lawyer.
• Implications for law students and fresh law graduates.

Presented by: Mai Chen, Managing Partner, Chen Palmer

The Weakest Link: Hacking the Human

The term “cyber security” brings to mind hackers and sophisticated technology, but the weakest link in the security chain is often on the payroll. Learn practical ways to raise security awareness amongst staff and better protect your firm’s sensitive information.

Presented by: Craig Columbus, CIO, Russell McVeagh

GDPR: The Missing Piece

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective globally as of the 25th May 2018. Join Liz Scott-Wilson profile Information Governance and file analysis’s role in securing GDPR compliance and enhancing the management of your organisation’s content. Plus hear the case study of a global Life Sciences organisations journey to address and accelerate their GDPR compliance and digital transformation.

Presented by: Liz Scott-Wilson, Director NZ, Metataxis NZ

Q&A Panel

An expert panel discussing legal innovation and technology, exploring the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead for the legal profession. The panellists will provide the key learnings from their respective legal innovation workshops.

Stephen Mullins, General Manager, New Zealand Lexvoco
Lloyd Gallagher, Partner, Gallagher & CO Consultants
Caroline Ferguson, Business Transformation Manager, Simpson Grierson
Terri Mottershead, Director, Centre for Legal Innovation
Moderated by: Warrick McLean, Chief Executive Officer, Coleman Greig

The LawFest Great Debate

Moot: “That technology has rendered law degrees obsolete”

Negating Team: Graham Kohler QC (lead) + Callum Lo (University of Auckland)
Affirmative Team: Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere (lead) + Phoebe Clifford (University of Otago)
Students from Auckland and Otago University with senior Counsel to debate some meaty issues around technology and law in an entertaining and palatable manner.

Adjudicated by: Judge David Harvey, Director, NZ Centre for ICT Law