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Now you can watch every presentation, session and demonstration from LawFest events on-demand for just $195 + GST. This three month’s access to 50+ Speakers and 15+ CPD Hours of video content from past annual LawFest conferences and LawFestLive plus demo’s from legal tech vendors.

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Why you should watch presentations from LawFestLive

LawFestLive offered a compelling and unique opportunity to discover how the New Zealand legal community is adapting to the ‘new normal’ for law, to share experiences and to learn about driving innovation and change from the best in the business.

More than 170 delegates from law firms and in-house legal attended this innovative event live on Wednesday 5 August – along with leading legal technology and solutions providers. Your OnDemand access pass includes access to a plethora on OnDemand resources, recordings of each session, access to the virtual expo and demonstrations from our partners.

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