Programme 2019

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Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers



Opening address

Justice Minister Hon Andrew Little will deliver the opening address and will give his insights on innovation and deploying technology in the legal profession to help deliver better legal services for New Zealand.

Hon Andrew Little, Minister of Justice & Minister for Courts

Re-Imagine Legal: Client-Centred Innovation

How do you get beyond “innovation theatre” – and actually create something that helps your clients and customers?
This plenary will introduce you to four critical elements which, when combined, have:
– driven a client-centred innovation strategy for both law firms and in-house legal
– delivered increased financial performance from key accounts of up to 30% per annum for professional services firms
– been the subject of two Harvard Case Studies; and
– been proven to help you feel younger, better looking and more vibrant*
(* ok maybe not this one!)

Lisa Leong, CEO, O10 APAC
Tristan Forrester, Chief Strategy Officer, O10 APAC

How Professional Services are embracing change

Artificial Intelligence…. Blockchain….. Machine Learning……Technology driven change is impacting everything from consumer behaviour to the very core business models of the industries around us. Professional Services is certainly not immune. You will learn how a similar profession has faced change, disruption and the new opportunities that have been created through digital innovation. In this session we will look at the significant impact that various emerging technologies are poised to have on professional services and the opportunities which arise from leveraging these.

Scott McLiver, Partner & Global Lead, Digital Innovation for Entrepreneurial & Private Business, PwC
Robbie Gimblett, Partner & Private Business Market Sector Leader, PwC



But I’m not a robot!

Many lawyers and law firm managers are concerned about the impact of technology and artificial intelligence: what might it mean for the future of work, for the future of their workplaces and for the future of the individual worker? Is this a time for optimism or concern? In this presentation, Simon will address these complex questions and explain why lawyers have every reason to be optimistic about the future of work, the opportunities that technology might create, the impact on business and the economy, and the role that people will continue to play along the way. Central to this will be the need for a fresh style of purposeful leadership that builds trust, relationships and reputations by putting people rather than technology at the top of its agenda.

Simon Tupman Authority on Business Leadership & Business Growth

The Pitch

Hear from some of the most innovative companies in the market today who are developing the tools, methods and systems that help you deliver legal services more efficiently.

Morning Tea
The future-ready legal business

The legal industry is in the early stages of a long-term transformation from a ‘labour-only’ industry to one of ‘labour plus capital’. This will change the way economic returns are generated and distributed and fundamentally reshape our industry. The timing, pace and nature of the change is still uncertain. As a former strategist, Sam will discuss this landscape and how law firms (and inhouse legal teams) should make sure they are future-ready, and best positioned to adapt to this new reality.

Sam Nickless, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

Leadership in a NewLaw World

The concept of NewLaw is still widely misunderstood. Law Squared was a firm designed and created to offer a true alternative to the traditional law firm model. Fundamentally, the business model has shifted and the need for a new era of leadership has to emerge. In this session, we will explore the key elements of a NewLaw firm, the process of designing a NewLaw firm and the importance of starting with a blank canvas. We will also address ways of managing remote offices and flexible teams and leading a cultural shift to deliver on NewLaw principles.

Demetrio Zema, Founder & Director, Law Squared

Optimising your in-house legal function

Learn from two leading general counsel how they radically re-engineered their legal functions to create greater value for their client organisations and how you can do the same. You will hear insights and takeaways on:
– Moving away from low value towards strategic, high value work;
– Bringing your legal team with you on the journey;
– Transforming your in-house legal function through systems and technology.

Moderated by:

Helen Mackay, Director, Juno Legal

Anna Lozynski, Executive General Counsel, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand
Melissa Anastasiou, General Counsel, Spark New Zealand

Changing the mould: Lessons from innovative firms

The legal profession is facing considerable change with growing pressures forcing law firms to operate more efficiently and effectively in how they deliver their legal services. This panel of law firm leaders will provide practical insights of how they are innovating and embracing change to make their firms more efficient and profitable, together with delivering a better and more valuable service to their clients. They will discuss both challenges and opportunities to transform the delivery of legal services, what they are doing in their own firms, the ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ when they were starting, and what comes next.

Moderated by:
Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers

Sophie Braggins, Chief Executive, Govett Quilliam
Jon Calder, Chief Executive, Tompkins Wake
Bruce McClintock, Partner, Chapman Tripp

Breakout Sessions
Innovating your in-house legal operations

This interactive workshop will equip you with practical ideas and tools to help you innovate your in-house legal operations. Helen and Matt will present some illustrative case studies, and invite the audience to share their experiences. The workshop will explore incremental changes that you can make today to help you and your organisation thrive and adapt to changing client demands. This workshop is ideal for in-house lawyers, in-house IT professionals and external tech suppliers, with a focus on how each of those can better speak the others’ language.

Helen Mackay, Director, Juno Legal
Matt Farrington, Lawyer & Legal Technologist, Juno Legal

Innovation, Productivity and Wellbeing – creating environments that enable legal teams to excel

Innovation and the ability to successfully implement change that boosts productivity is critical for all legal teams. Such efforts however take time and energy, and given legal teams are frequently at capacity this can be difficult. In this session you will learn about the practical things your team can do to create an environment that helps you shift from surviving to thriving.

Caroline Ferguson, Business Transformation & Innovation Director, Simpson Grierson

Legal Innovation – Where do I begin & how do I do it?

This interactive and practical session will provide a framework through which you can identify your intraprenueurs (you may be one of them!), advance your creativity, and enhance your firm’s adaptability. At the end of this session, you will have the tools to start innovating on your return to work!

Samy Mansour, Special Counsel, Clayton Utz

Phishing 101: Don’t get hooked

This fast-paced workshop will provide an insight into popular techniques used by hackers to steal your information, how to recognize when you’re being phished, and the practical steps you can use immediately to protect yourself. 

Craig Columbus, CIO, Russell McVeagh

Exhibit Hall Break
Breakout Sessions
Law by Design

What is “design thinking” – and how can it apply to the law? Former lawyers Lisa and Tristan have applied the Stanford tradition of design to the legal context, working with in house legal, and professional services. Join this 50 minute interactive workshop to learn from their experiences – and mistakes! They will cover, empathy mapping, idea generation, prototyping, and innovation as a personal and organisational change process.

Lisa Leong, CEO, O10 APAC
Tristan Forrester, Chief Strategy Officer, O10 APAC

Strategy on a page – a simple guide to achieving meaningful goals

Strategic plans often fail to deliver because they are clouded in meaningless waffle and unrealistic goals. Firms that have clarity around their purpose and vision are better positioned to shape a strategy that delivers results. In this workshop, Simon will guide participants through a process that will help them to clarify their ‘DNA’ and lock in achievable goals, all on one page!

Simon Tupman, Authority on Business Leadership & Business Growth

Robots in Pyjamas: The Augmentation of Legal Practice?

Amidst all the hype about AI, is there an evolving reality? Are law firms and legal departments using AI? How is AI changing business models and staffing? In this workshop, Terri Mottershead will facilitate a discussion on the practical ways in which AI is supporting the reimagination, reinvention and reshaping of legal practice.

Terri Mottershead, Director, Centre for Legal Innovation

Working differently!

How legal services are delivered has been changing for some time now, and this change has brought about some great stories of those that are challenging the traditional model of how legal services are delivered. In this session you will hear from leading legal innovators about how they are working differently, as they share the innovative and exciting ways that set them apart. The panelists will provide practical insights on how and where they started and what their future looks like as they continue to embrace a ‘work-differently’ mindset to ensure they adapt and thrive in a changing market. This is a highly interactive session enabling delegates to discuss further with the experts.

Claudia King, CEO & Founder, Automio
Anton Smith, Co-founder, Lawkit
Karen Venables, Founder & Co-Director, Legal Solutions
Demetrio Zema, Founder & Director, Law Squared

Afternoon Tea
Exploring global innovations in the delivery of legal services

This around-the-globe tour of innovation in the delivery of legal services will help you better understand what works, what doesn’t, and what we need next. Efficiency and profitability can (and should) align with access to justice. Advances in technology and regulation are key drivers for meaningful change. Walk away with tangible steps that can be implemented to advance your organisation in providing the legal help that the world needs now, from the street corner to the corner office.

Renee Knake, Professor of Law & Doherty Chair in Legal Ethics, University of Houston Law Center

A look into the crystal ball

As the finale of an action-packed day of practical insights from thought leaders, we turn to looking ahead. A panel of leading legal professionals will discuss what the future holds for the profession and the delivery of legal services. They will explore what is possible with new opportunities to innovate through leveraging technology to help you deliver more efficient and profitable legal services, both for today and the future. The discussion aims to inspire you to apply new thinking to your role and organisation, to help you adapt and thrive in a market that is going to continue to change.

Moderated by:
Warrick McLean, CEO & Principal, Coleman Greig Lawyers

Tamina Cunningham-Adams, Co-Founder & Director, Evolution Lawyers
Sam Nickless, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Gilbert + Tobin
Anna Lozynski, Executive General Counsel, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand
Stephen Ward, Managing Director, Clerksroom

That’s a wrap

Our MC Warrick McLean will wrap up the day’s events, key themes and lead us into the networking drinks.

5.30 – 7PM
Networking drinks