Law Fest is a great way to meet other people who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and be challenged as to what the future will bring. 

Steven Moe

LawFest provided excellent information on technology and innovation in the law. It was a highly enjoyable day.

LawFest 2018 Delegate

LawFest was a great opportunity to see what’s changing in the legal industry

LawFest 2018 Sponsor

Must do legal conference of the year. Thought provoking and educational.

LawFest 2018 Delegate

“LawFest is great for hearing about what others are doing, to network with those in a similar position to bounce ideas off one another”

Rachael Stevenson, Practice Manager, AlexanderDorrington

One of the best organised, smoothest running events I have attended.

Scott Gillard, FTI Consulting

Great to be able to network with other Firms and see where they are on their IT journey.

LawFest 2018 Delegate

If you’re serious about the future of your legal practice, you attend LawFest.

Craig Columbus

Great cross-section of law, tech, KM, management & crystal ball gazing!

Guy Burgess, Clendons

“It creates quality time so that you can give some real thought to new ideas, network with like-minded people and ask the exhibitors some real hard questions”.

Shaun Plant, Legal Services Lead, Waikato Regional Council

The most comprehensive platform to find technology and innovative businesses specialising in the legal market in New Zealand