LawFest is the opportunity for your firm to learn more about what innovation looks like, how to do it, and the innovative practices others are adopting in this fast-changing and disruptive area. It’s all about how you can innovate in your own firm to help you drive greater efficiency within your organisation and ultimately drive profitability.

The one-day conference provides a platform to learn how to innovate and adopt technology, connect with innovators in the legal industry, establish relationships, and discover technology that matters to you and your organisation.

The event is held in Auckland each year with 300+ attendees, over 25 incredible speakers, and over 20 exhibits of legal technology solutions. LawFest content and speakers change each year, so don’t miss out on the legal innovation event of 2024.

LawFest provides a platform for legal professionals to learn from a series of inspirational stories from those on their innovation journey, what they are doing, together with how they started and what comes next. Speakers will also share stories of where they may have failed along the way so you can learn from their hits and their misses.

You’ll also discover technology and develop a greater understanding of how technology and innovation can impact you, your organisation and your clients, and with the programme packed full of practical advice, eye-opening presentations, and success stories from your peers, this premier legal innovation and technology event guarantees to engage and inspire you.

LawFest is the only event in New Zealand that provides the opportunity to meet the leading legal technology providers to see their products and services that can help you practice law more efficiently, today and into the future.

Each year we develop a fresh and up-to-date programme focusing on the trends and subjects of today, including breakout and workshop-style sessions to compliment the keynotes, providing the opportunity to discuss and get deeper into topics of interest.

We greatly appreciate the support of all of our sponsors and partners that help to make LawFest possible each year.

LawFest is operated by Andrew King of LegalInnovate – a family of brands developed to bring the legal industry and the technology sector together. Our aim is to encourage innovation and ultimately transform the way legal services are delivered. We do this through an integrated approach of education, connection to resources, and brand building to support legal teams across firms and organisations.

We help lawyers and their organisations successfully innovate to improve the way they deliver legal services now and into the future.

In a rapidly changing market, where there is so much noise around legal innovation and a plethora of shiny legaltech toys, it can be difficult to know what to do, where to start or how to stay ahead of the game

We help you understand: what is going on; what is available and what is right for you !

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