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Innovation in a disruptive world

Sir Ray will talk about the laws of innovation and how societal changes impact on the adoption of technologies. Delegates will learn personal and corporate innovation skills and how to build unassailable winning teams, and learn how highly personalized utility marketing and branding will disrupt traditional business practices.

What is the blockchain/smart contracts and why lawyers should care

The blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to redefine how we do business in a new decentralised global village.

  • What is the blockchain and smart contracts?
  • Why should lawyers care?
  • What does the law firm of the future look like?
Navigating the relentless pace of change: The Uber disruption story

Emma will provide the Uber story of disruption and the importance for other industries like law to be aware of how it may be disrupted.
Since hitting New Zealand’s shores in 2014, the app now serves more than 300,000 Kiwi riders and some 5,000 drivers across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. In this talk, Emma will talk about the journey from fledgling start-up to mainstay of city life.
The themes explored will help inspire you to think about how legal services are delivered to your clients.

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Morning Tea
Practical use of Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers

Julian will be speaking on the relevance of artificial intelligence to the legal profession in a digital world. He will also outline practical steps lawyers can take today to stay relevant such as embracing new business models and transforming current business practices through new technologies, including AI.

Sponsored by Neota Logic

Thinking Differently: MinterEllisonRuddWatt’s innovation journey with McCarthy Finch

Jane Parker & Jean Yang, Minter Ellison and McCarthy Finch

MinterEllisonRuddWatts made headlines when they entered a joint venture to build legal AI company, McCarthy Finch. Jane and Jean will share their insights from working closely with McCarthy Finch since its launch.

This session will provide an interesting case study on:

  • The business considerations of why MinterEllisonRuddWatts went down this path, and winning “buy-in” from the partnership
  • How a large NZ law firm is getting ahead of technological disruption
  • The opportunities AI technology offers the legal profession
  • Working in AI as a lawyer
Disrupting the law: Myadvice.Legal and what’s next?

Mai Chen will discuss what clients expect of lawyers and AI, and how lawyers have to change the way they work with changes to billing and to the pyramid of lawyers.

She’ll also speak about blending/merging lawyer judgement with the doubling of computational power every two years.

Delegates will learn;

  • How is law different to other services, and how is it the same?
  • Implications for specialisation, and a more holistic definition of what it means to add value as a lawyer.
  • Implications for law students and fresh law graduates.
The Weakest Link: Hacking the Human

The term “cyber security” brings to mind hackers and sophisticated technology, but the weakest link in the security chain is often on the payroll.  Learn practical ways to raise security awareness amongst staff and better protect your firm’s sensitive information.

GDPR: The Missing Piece

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective globally as of the 25th May 2018.

Join Liz Scott-Wilson profile Information Governance and file analysis’s role in securing GDPR compliance and enhancing the management of your organisation’s content.

Plus hear the case study of a global Life Sciences organisations journey to address and accelerate their GDPR compliance and digital transformation.

With less than 2 months to go – are you going to be ready?

Sponsored by Active Navigation

Working Sessions
In-house Innovation

Stephen Mullins & Sarah Taylor – lexvoco

This interactive workshop, facilitated by lexvoco, will equip you with practical ideas and tools to help you innovate your in-house legal operations.  The workshop will focus on bringing a continuous improvement mindset to your work, and will examine:

  • how to ensure that what Legal does is strategically aligned with the organisation,
  • how to analyse and re-design Legal processes to make them work better, and
  • how to shift Legal focus and effort to the right work, where Legal can provide the greatest value add.
People, process and technology – leading the business of law in changing times

When you are operating in a landscape driven by changing client expectations, rapidly developing technology, shifting workforce demographics and increasingly complex compliance requirements, it can be difficult to know what to prioritise,  how to get the right expertise in place and how to build meaningful and sustainable momentum.  The good news is that there are tools and approaches that you can adopt to help you navigate the challenges, harness the opportunities and thrive.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for practical discussion and expert guidance around the key areas that legal teams and law firms are currently focusing on,  including:

  • Successful Change Management – how to inspire and engage all of your people so you can be fit for the future and deliver exceptional client service
  • Building a Digital Ecosystem – how to assess and implement technology that is right for you and your clients
  • Creating a Toolkit for AML/CFT – processes and best practice for ensuring you are all set for July 2018

The workshop will involve market-leading experts from each of the areas listed above and be facilitated by Caroline Ferguson, Business Transformation Manager at Simpson Grierson.

Panel: Felicity ChampionJoanna Lim & Richard Greenaway

Is Disruptive Legal Practice the New Normal?

The legal industry has changed. It’s a paradigm shift, not a gentle nudge. How we describe a law firm, what lawyers do, what legal specialisms are emerging and who or what provides legal information or advice, is transforming the way clients interact with the law. In this session, Terri Mottershead will explore with our expert panellists, what disruption means for the future of the legal industry, how legal practices can create an agile workforce, and what all legal professionals can do right now to future proof their practices.

Panel: Claudia King, Thomas Bloy, Mai Chen, Steven Moe

Technology for law, ADR, and practice

Information technology provides opportunities to facilitate communication and so assist in prevention and management of disputes. However, Technological change is not a smooth and continuous process and each new technology creates new types of disputes. Technology also changes many aspects of social interaction, which in turn creates disputes that can span continents, affecting the way disputes are handled.  

Where disputes arise between parties across continents, information technology can provide tools to parties to complement, or substitute traditional face to face interventions and increase access to justice as well as opportunities for new forms of dispute resolution, as well as better practice management.

This workshop will discuss emergent technologies that assist the courts, as well as dispute resolution. From online courts, to applying technology, the panel will discuss emerging technologies that benefit practitioners as well as the legal process.

Speakers include, Retired Judge Dr David HarveyLaura O’Gorman LLM. BCom., Josh McBride LLB. (Hons) BA. and is facilitated by Lloyd Gallagher LLB. MMS (Hons). Its aim is to provide a panel to discuss your questions, and develop awareness of the new technology landscape available in dispute resolution and practice.

Afternoon Tea
Q&A Panel

The facilitators of the workshops will form an expert panel discussing legal innovation and technology, exploring the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead for the legal profession. They will each initially summarise their workshops, providing delegates with the key learnings. The panel will then answer questions from delegates in the audience and via the event app.

The LawFest Great Debate - University of Auckland vs University of Otago 

Adjudicator: Judge David Harvey – Director, Centre for ICT Law

Graham Kohler QC + Callum Lo (Auckland) - Negating Team


Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere + Phoebe Clifford (Otago) - Affirmative Team

The moot – “That technology has rendered law degrees obsolete”

Grab a wine or beer and join New Zealand’s leading legal technology Judge David Harvey as he adjudicates The LawFest Great Debate.

Students from two leading New Zealand universities will each be joined by senior Counsel to debate some meaty issues around technology and law in an entertaining and palatable manner.

In the true spirit of legal debating expect learned discussion, soaring intellects and plenty of ad hominem point scoring!

Networking Drinks