FREE Webinar: Generative AI Fundamentals for Lawyers

Generative AI Fundamentals for Lawyers

Generative AI is becoming an essential tool for all lawyers – whether in-house or in private practice. With the recent release of legal-specific GenAI solutions like CoCounsel and AI Co-pilots integrating into standard applications like Outlook and Word, understanding and utilising these innovations is no longer optional for legal professionals.

This webinar aims to empower lawyers by showcasing the transformative impact of GenAI on legal productivity. Through a series of practical use cases, attendees will discover how leveraging these innovative technologies can revolutionise efficiency and effectiveness in legal practice, enabling lawyers to achieve more with less effort.

Key Takeaways from the session:

  • Navigating Ethical and Professional Conduct with GenAI: Gain insights into the key professional and ethical considerations necessary when integrating GenAI into legal practice. 
  • Which GenAI Apps to Use: Understand the landscape of GenAI apps available to help lawyers – from immediately-accessible public apps like ChatGPT and Claude to enterprise solutions like Spellbook, Microsoft Copilot and Thomson Reuters CoCounsel. 
  • Implementing GenAI for Enhanced Efficiency: Learn actionable use cases of GenAI in legal settings that you can apply immediately to boost your and your team’s efficiency. 
  • Identifying Optimal GenAI Use Cases: Explore the most effective and accessible applications of GenAI, encompassing areas such as improved communication, legal concept comprehension, document processing, and summarisation.

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Webinar Presenter

Nick Abrahams, Global Co-leader of Digital Transformation Practice at Norton Rose Fulbright, Adjunct Professor at Bond University and Co-founder of successful online legal business, Lawpath.

Further Learning Opportunities

For those interested in a deeper understanding of Legal GenAI, consider enrolling in the Bond University online, microcredential also taught by Nick Abrahams, The Breakthrough Lawyer: GenAI Productivity Training for Lawyers. Designed for all lawyers, in-house or in private practice. Six hours to gain the detailed knowledge and tools necessary to harness the immense potential of GenAI for your legal practice.

The course is available at a special discounted price of AU$360 until 30 June, 2024.

“Excellent course!  Completed it in a couple of days.  Extremely valuable – both in terms of advising the business on Gen AI adoption and in terms of use by the legal function.  Highly recommended!” Rebecca Holbrook, General Counsel, Fisher & Paykel

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