LawFest introduces a new Innovation Zone for Tech Start-ups

One of the exciting new initiatives for LawFest in 2018 is the introduction of our Innovation Zone.

The Innovation Zone provides the opportunity for more kiwi start-ups to also be part of the one event that those interested in legal innovation and technology will be attending in 2018. The Innovation Zone provides start-ups with the opportunity to be part of the event, which may not have been possible otherwise.

Not only are we looking to encourage innovation and the use of technology within the legal professional, we also want to provide a platform where great kiwi tech companies can showcase their wares and meet other tech companies, together with meeting legal professionals from law firms, government and corporate legal teams.

The new Innovation Zone helps kiwi tech companies to be part of the innovation and technology community, as there are some great solutions being developed. This comes at a time where there is a real buzz in the legal profession with great innovative activity. An increasing number of lawyers and their firms are opening up to change and the opportunities to innovate through leveraging technology.

LawFest provides the opportunity to learn, connect with innovators in the legal industry, establish relationships, and discover technology that matters to you and your business.

This not to be missed conference is the only event in New Zealand that provides the opportunity to meet the leading legal technology providers to see their products and services that can help legal professionals practice law more efficiently, today and into the future.

LawFest again promises to have the largest gathering of legal technology providers in New Zealand – all under the one roof. The Innovation Zone is located in our expanded exhibition hall, which also features a new Premium Zone. The Premium Zone provides a more spacious and comfortable design, for delegates to connect with providers to see and hear about their leading solutions.

Make sure you register now to check out these exciting tech start-ups at LawFest on 8 March 2018.

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