Legal Practice: Innovation & Technology is the New Norm

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InfoTrack is a Bronze Sponsor of LawFest 2017. Dennis Wade, InfoTrack Country Manager, New Zealand, shares his insights in the lead-up to LawFest.

The legal sector is dealing with more disruptive technologies than ever before, and the industry is being faced with widespread upheaval. The legal world has and will continue to evolve and change. Nothing will stop it. Therefore, it’s decision time for most legal practices – lawyers need to transform their businesses now. Adoption and innovation is no longer a choice but an absolute must, to ensure a practice stays relevant and in demand. Clients are wiser and are wanting and expecting better, faster, more accurate information from their lawyers.

On a daily basis, I speak with lawyers and connect with law firms all over the country. I have also been exposed to Australian lawyers at the ALPMA conferences. I am blown away by the number of lawyers who want to embrace the cutting edge of technology and innovation but for some unknown reason, they just haven’t got around to it.

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In the last 3-4 years, the legal sector has been changing and transforming itself. It’s without a doubt an industry which has become highly competitive, and innovation and adoption of new technology is now the key to a practice and its longevity.

There are some great opportunities being presented because of technology. There are better ways to streamline age old processes, protect critical business dependent data, and add more strength to the all-important client relationship. The early adopters who harness the ‘now’ and take on these technologies will stand out from the competition and reap the rewards moving forward.

Legal CEOs, legal professionals, IT experts or even practice managers will benefit by learning about new technologies and embracing those that have potential to deliver. They have an absolute duty, right now, to learn about the latest products and solutions which can be implemented into the daily practice. I encourage everyone to chat to fellow professionals, share your thoughts and ideas about what you need or would like to see, and speak with leading innovators such as InfoTrack. My advice is to connect and collaborate.

InfoTrack is one of those disruptors leading innovation in today’s legal profession. The innovation is constant with a large team of intelligent in-house developers at their disposal. Their proven results are in the magnitude of the number of clients they support, and the real awards they’ve recently won.

Start simple. Easy to deploy technology is available now. Law firms who regularly search online are supported by the InfoTrack technology platform. It provides lawyers with the gift of time, precious time! All under one roof with the click of a few buttons – property searches to company searches, PPSR searches, creditor reports and even Australian property and company searches.

InfoTrack seamlessly and securely integrates back into many legal practice management systems. Professionals can simply order searches from within a matter and have them returned into the matter along with client disbursements.

Then, there is the game-changing technology which InfoTrack offers. InfoTrack’s REVEAL technology has transformed the way legal professionals present and deliver information back to the client. REVEAL offers a much easier way of analysing, interpreting and presenting information, that will save valuable time and allows information to be presented in a very professional manner. It assists lawyers and the clients to better understand complex corporate structures, and aid decision making through the power of visualization.

Contacting InfoTrack will help create actionable ideas and practical solutions around legal searching. Just small changes in relation to a practice’s searching needs, can have a major impact on service to a client.

The changing landscape is here to stay. All that remains, is for legal practices to make their decision to adopt and embrace the opportunities available to them. Technology is changing the way lawyers think, and especially the way they do business and the way they interact with their clients.

There has never been a better time to integrate solutions into daily routines within a legal practice. The trend to adopt technology and integrate is on the rise and InfoTrack will increase some real efficiencies inside your office.

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