Young legal professionals encouraged to champion legal innovation and tech

New Zealand’s next lawyers and legal professionals have grown up in the tech age, but it is important that they get first hand and practical exposure to legal technology and the potential ways for the legal profession to innovate.

That’s why this year at LawFest we’ve introduced the “young legal professional” ticket for under 25s.

This discounted ticket option is to encourage young legal professionals who may just be starting their career to attend New Zealand’s premier legal innovation and technology event, and to encourage them to champion adoption of technology within their firms and organisations.

We see young legal professionals as the driving force behind innovative changes in law firms and legal teams, and believe it’s a smart way to ensure you’re utilising the young people within it to adapt for the future.

This is an opportunity for young legal professionals to attend an industry conference mixed with a theme where they already have years of knowledge and experience – technology.

How law is practiced and delivered today is going to change significantly – young lawyers and legal professionals today need to be at the forefront of the change to ensure their jobs and firms exist in the future.

Attending LawFest provides a platform for legal professionals to learn about how they can innovate and adopt technology into their practice. The programme is packed full of practical advice, eye-opening presentations, and success stories from your peers. We have two exciting tracks, one for those just getting started on the journey AND one that looks at the future of delivering legal services. You can check out the programme here.

These young professionals don’t just have to be budding lawyers, as this is a great opportunity for the young support staff in your organisation to learn more and develop their skillset.

The event has something for everyone: from those new to technology, to those currently at the forefront of legal innovation, and everyone in-between. Organisations previously may have sent one representative, but we believe LawFest now provides something valuable for lawyers, support staff and management – from within law firms, corporate organisations, or government bodies.

Get your “young legal professional” ticket for LawFest todayonly $199 + GST

Don’t worry if you are not under 25, as we have some great early bird discounts available until the 15th of March.

LawFest is on 17 May 2017 at the Langham Hotel, Auckland.

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